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a little nod to green day in the 5 seconds of summer video


get in the car loser we’re starting a pop punk band

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Total Guitar, December 1997
I remember this like it was yesterday.
I had survived the first semester of high school and I was searching through the imported magazines at all stands in the centre of Belgrade until I found this one. The 14-year-old me squeaked over the photo of Billie Joe with his guitars and I had to have it. I thought I’d deserve it because my average was 4.53 out of 5.00, which narrowly landed me in the “excellent” range, too. However, my parents did not want to buy me the magazine, having claimed that my D in mathematics would land me outside of the “excellent” range back in their days. In reality, they probably didn’t want to pay for something I would cut up. So, I had to photocopy pages, like I was usually doing back then.

That was a weird little story to tell, wasn’t it? Either way, this is a decent interview, knowing that Total Guitar staff are capable of a lot of sexist, homophobic and otherwise offensive shit. Back in 1997 they weren’t as obsessed with metal or having Slash in every issue like they do now. Even the review of Nimrod in this mag was written in a decent, normal manner.

Get the full-sized versions of the interview and Basket Case chords (1610 pixels wide, 300 dpi) by clicking here, here, here and here.

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