This Is Only The Start

I love fashion, movies,tv,music,oldies. I love rock n' roll. Mick Jagger is my love!<3
Everything in life happens for a reason so just go with it! You never what your life holds instore for YOU!

Krikor Jabotian AKHTAMAR 2014

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Don’t Leave Me (1990) VS. Last Night on Earth (2009)

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You never know what the future’s gonna bring. I mean, I don’t have a fuckin’ clue. I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing. I don’t know where the fuck I’m going, I never fucking do. But the important thing is… sometimes to think about the future, but stay in the fuckin’ moment at the same time.

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When men are pure, laws are useless; when men are corrupt, laws are broken.

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When things aren’t adding up in your life, start subtracting.


The Rolling Stones Filmography

Charlie is my darling (1966), dir. Peter Whiteshead

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